Mobil­säge-BW & Herrmann Massivholz

est. 2014: first German solid wood manufactory for tables & counters unique products from one source.

massiv wooden tables/ one of a kind/river table - wood trader - tree services - mobile sawmilling

from tree to table - all from one source!

Tree felling & tree care in the Stuttgart region

first tree felling supplier with mobile chain sawmill in Germany

You love your tree, it was planted by your grandfather, your daughter's swing hung on it, but now its time has come. We can cut it down, saw it up on site and even build tables from it later, thus preserving it for you.


...and this is what finally became of this beautiful trunk...

special tree cutting services
crampon felling

We offer professional tree felling, also in SKT (rope climbing technique), which is always used when the tree can not be "simply" cut down and you can not use any other technique (e.g. in rough terrain or between houses).

And as the first professional German mobile chainsaw company we can "transform" your trunk into furniture wood right on the spot.

You only need tree care (e.g. removal of dead branches, crown reduction etc.)? I will be happy to do this for you as well.

What I do not do, however, is pruning, as this ultimately leads to internal stem rot and causes the tree to die in the medium to long term.

Youtube requires your consent to work!

Youtube requires your consent to work!

Youtube requires your consent to work!

Before a tree may be felled, the owner of the property or tree must observe a number of legal regulations:

The nature conservation law §39 BNatSchG (incl. bird protection period from 01.03.-30.09.)
The tree protection ordinance
State road law (traffic safety)

As a rule, only a tree protection ordinance (if available) and possibly a necessary traffic safety must be observed, which always depends on the respective situation (if, for example, a public road or a pedestrian path must be closed).

For this purpose, a respective application must be made to the responsible authorities:

I can assist you with this on request.

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Mobilsäge-BW & Herrmann Massivholz
Central warehouse: 70771 Leinfelden/Hohenheimerstr.68 (appointment by arrangement!) / germany
Further warehouses in Rottenburg and Nuremberg (appointment by arrangement!)
Contact person: Patrick Herrmann
mobile: +49 (0) 176 - 640 187 41
fax: +49 (0) 711 - 95 818 223
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We are constantly looking for logs
and trees > 60 cm Øme > 60 cm Ø

Our services:

  • Tables and counters unique (focus)
  • Solid wood trade
  • Mobile sawmill
  • Tree felling/tree care


Dipl. Holzbetriebswirt, SKTA, SKTB/B