No.: TP 17 Red oak unique table top (coffee table / sideboard etc.) - available
Dimensions: ca.170 x 50 x 3cm
Origin: Stuttgart
Felling date: May 2017
Stock location: Stuttgart-Leinfelden, available
Info: unique red oak coffee table top in one piece with partial fills in epoxy resin. This gating piece comes from a huge old red oak from a university garden (planting date 1820), more specifically from one of the two trunks. It broke off and fell over because of root rot on a beautiful day in May. Instead of disposing of the trunk - as I did before my time - and ultimately stoking it in the kiln, I was able to saw it up on site and thus "preserve" it. Even while sawing it open, I got an idea of the treasure waiting there. The uniqueness of this unique then worked out with a lot of handwork, you can see and feel immediately.

Mobile saw BW & Herrmann solid wood
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We are constantly looking for logs
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our services:

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  • comercial wood trading for interior apllications
  • tree services including felling (also with climbing techniques)
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