Our current maximum!. It is an absolute rarity, whereby "rarity" does not really meet it, it is as unique as the largest rough diamond ever found. It is a copper beech slice with "astronomical" dimensions from a park near Stuttgart. This piece is the "mother disk". We have been able to saw two more (also absolutely spectacular) slices from it, but this one is beyond imagination and is a "once in a lifetime" piece. The dimensions are about 9,2 ft x 5,2 ft x 6 Inch.

A "statement" weighing approx. 500 kg!

This ancient tree unfortunately had to be cut down for safety reasons in early 2017 because it had a twig trunk growth that was already cracked and threatening to tear apart. We were able to saw the trunk open on site and then put it in storage to dry. To carve out this slice I had to pull out all my stops and succeeded. This piece is since then in a protected area of my warehouse in Stuttgart/germany.

As a tabletop, only a hybrid solution with epoxy resin comes into question for me (similar to TP39 - golden cloud). For the finished processing I assume about 1 to 1 1/2 years duration. As soon as this piece has found its lover and we have clarified the details of the manufacturing etc., I will start with the production. First, the piece will be in the drying chamber for about 3-6 months. The table base can be chosen or made individually - the material for that doesn´t matter - there are no borders/limits. I will be happy to make suggestions as soon as I know what your wish/dream scenario looks like. Every single step/process will be documented by me via video and photos.

I am sure that this piece will find its lover, even if there will not be many people who can afford or want this table....

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