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Mobile sawmill:

Project sawing red oak with a trunk diameter of approx. 105 cm in June 2017; The trunk was planted in 1820. A lot of very beautiful unique table tops have come out of it. One table has already been made.

In May 2017, one of the two large trunks broke from the root area and "simply" fell over in a park. The roots were largely destroyed. The cause was fungal infestation. With my mobile sawmills, I was able to saw the trunk into many unique, beautiful wooden planks, which I have been storing and maturing ever since.

One huge plank measuring approx. 305 x 98 x 6 cm has now been completely handcrafted in our table factory in Stuttgart into an exclusive one-off solid wood table, perfect as a huge dining table and meeting table in the company. The other pieces are currently stored in our own wood store in the central warehouse in Leinfelden near Stuttgart.

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Mobilsäge-BW & Herrmann Massivholz
Central warehouse: 70771 Leinfelden/Hohenheimerstr.68 (appointment by arrangement!) / germany
Further warehouses in Rottenburg and Nuremberg (appointment by arrangement!)
Contact person: Patrick Herrmann
mobile: +49 (0) 176 - 640 187 41
fax: +49 (0) 711 - 95 818 223
email: SiMkLCUKJyUoIyY5Ky8tL2coPWQuLw@nospam


We are constantly looking for logs
and trees > 60 cm Øme > 60 cm Ø

Our services:

  • Tables and counters unique (focus)
  • Solid wood trade
  • Mobile sawmill
  • Tree felling/tree care


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