Individual inquiries - we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

If you have any questions regarding the process, selection, manufacturing process, etc. it is best to simply contact us, so just call or email, we will respond as soon as possible.

In order to be able to give you a price frame and availability/feasibility as quickly as possible, we need information such as size, style/finish, desired wood type and ideally the number of a possible blank from my wood store. If you are unsure just call/email and we will figure it out together.

Every customer gets only one contact person for all concerns during the whole time.

What is special about our tables?

Around 95% of the pieces we use come from regional sources and are usually sawn by us on site. We always document everything we can find out about the logs. We draw from several wood sources - including very exclusive ones, whose woods you will only find here - and are proud to be able to offer woods that are unique in this size and shape, as well as sometimes the type of wood itself, which is not commercially available. This allows us to preserve the wood and let the tree live on, so to speak, with a clear conscience. It is also slowly pre-dried in the air for years before the final kiln drying.

The customer can choose "his" table as a blank on site, which we then manufacture individually for him with a lot of manual work and/or we find the future desired table on the basis of photos, videos, etc.
We document every table production, which the customer then receives from us as a souvenir in the form of a video. On request, each unusual table is given a brass plaque with a unique number.

We manufacture exclusively by hand in our table factory in Stuttgart.

Only the best (and most expensive) materials are used, e.g. resin from the company S. u. K. Hock GmbH from Regen/Opf. which does not yellow like cheaper products from abroad and sandpaper from Festool and Mirka for an excellent finish. 

Which woods do we use and where do they come from?

Our most common regional (Stuttgart-Rottenburg-Nuremberg) woods are maple/mountain maple, oak, red beech, ash (mostly olive ash) and Douglas fir. Furthermore, we have some unusual pieces of e.g. pear, birch, European walnut, sycamore, sequoia,...and very whacky a single trunk each of a cucumber magnolia and a Japanese cord tree in stock.

Bark on the trunk-our opinion on this:

we generally advise against it. Once because it always crumbles off at some point and you can easily get caught with clothes (eg wool)....

Can we choose a blank from you?

Yes, this is even our desired ideal case, because you can only really see the piece in the original, you can't get that with any photo/video so well...

And the customer can immediately build up a relationship to this piece and I am convinced that his gut feeling tells him immediately whether it is the "right" piece or not...

How do you do it with the underframes?

The customer receives from us on request an address list of manufacturers on whose websites he will find a large and beautiful selection (from beautiful standard to absolutely unique). Alternatively, we can suggest underframes and then get the selection for him.

If desired, we can also customize the base, for this we have various cooperations, for example, we can also offer laser-cut steel parts and of course powder coating.

How do you treat the surfaces?

There are now many very good surface products from various companies on the market. Basically, we work with products from the company Auro (preferably No. 123) for hard oils and additionally with hard wax oils from the company Osmo for resin applications.

How to take care of the table?

a) Oiled solid wood tables can be refreshed with Auro PurSolid hard oil No.123 and worktop oil No.108 (pursolid) or with water-based maintenance oil No.106.

The floor milk from Naturhaus is also very suitable for this purpose.

b) For solid wood tables treated with hard wax oil, we recommend wax-based care - e.g.: Auro Furniture Intensive Care No.662

Contacts: www.auroshop.de, www.osmoshop.com, www.naturhaus-direkt.de

What costs should we expect?

Side and normal coffee tables approx. 1.300 - 4.800 EUR gross

Large to huge coffee tables from ca.3.500 -9.800 EUR gross

Table tops (without base) made of 2 large planks from 5.800 EUR gross

Unique table tops (without underframe) from 8.800 EUR gross

How long does such a table last?

Actually forever, the better you take care of it the longer it will stay beautiful. You can also recondition the surface, even several times since solid wood.

How does the delivery work?

Delivery is currently carried out by ourselves and agreed individually. Collection by the customer is of course also possible.

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Further warehouses in Rottenburg and Nuremberg (appointment by arrangement!)
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We are constantly looking for logs
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