Tree species: poplar (using black poplar as an example)

Color: sapwood white, creamy beige to yellowish white, heartwood greenish brown to dark brown (similar to walnut)

Hardness: soft

Characteristics: soft very light plain even wood

Heartwood formation: yes, the poplar has real heartwood (except the aspen=trembling poplar-this belongs to the sapwood trees)
Psychological correspondence: the black poplar represents peace and passive defense. It stands for sensitivity and inner strength, inner peace and tranquility. In ancient Greece, it was dedicated to the Earth Mother and was popular in cemeteries because it was believed to be associated with the underworld. It allows us to calm down and gain distance. She can help introverts open up spiritually and get their stagnant life energies going. It gives and supports impulses to renew oneself.

Properties/Use: Carvings, clogs, pulpwood, veneers, wood wool and pulp are common Poplar end products. Poplar fluff can also be used as insulating material and for filling blankets and pillows, fruit baskets, mushroom and vegetable risers, exterior siding, gable sheathing, santary area (dentures, etc. ), chipboard, matches, wooden cheese packaging, matches, laminated wood for curved moldings, railroad superstructure, sauna construction, filler wood in container construction, special charcoal, drawing boards, accumulators slats, kitchen and household utensils, stir sticks, toothpicks, snow shovels, hat molds, carving lumber, interior door inserts, compression molded products, lumber for low stress exterior and interior building components, stable floors (especially in North America), stalls in riding and horse stables, silo buildings, and impregnated even for bridge decking and wagon construction. It can also be used well as table tops (especially bakers often kneaded their dough on poplar table tops.

Value/availability: low availability as it is not a common commercially used wood, low value in standard trade, it is rather a special wood for special applications.

Cutting time in arboriculture: in summer (from about May to August), after full leaf sprouting

Segregation behavior: medium

Cut execution and wound closure: according to current guideline ZTV Baumpflege, before knot ring up to (as far as possible) max. 10 cm diameter, no wound closure (because ineffective).

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Sources of the information:

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