Tree species: oak

Color: sapwood white, heartwood light brown to dark brown

Hardness: very hard (the faster grown/the larger the annual rings, the harder and denser it is)

Characteristics: hard and heavy wood, characteristic/coarse appearance

Heartwood formation: yes is a true heartwood tree

Psychological Correspondence: the oak tree was long considered sacred, oak-fringed squares served as places of judgment and deliberation. The oak symbolizes strength and power. I.e. oak wood (e.g. a desk) can be strengthening (if strength/assertiveness is lacking) or reinforcing. Oaks were treated with reverence because they attracted lightning, which usually could not cause (much) damage (the taproot system of the oak acts as a lightning rod). The oak also has healing powers, the high tannin content lowers fever and allows wounds to heal faster

Properties/uses: oak wood has been used for valuable work throughout the ages, both inside and out (as the wood is very durable due to the high tannic acid content and the filling/clogging of its vessels in the heartwood). Applications are: Furniture making, parquet flooring, stair construction, beams, roof structures, choir stalls, turnouts/railroad ties, fence posts, wall and ceiling cladding, doors, veneers, turning, civil engineering, piles (Venice, for example, is largely on oak piles),...

Value/availability: high availability but still high price

Cutting time in arboriculture: in summer (from about May to August), after full leaf emergence

Partitioning behavior: very good

Cutting and wound closure: according to current guideline ZTV Baumpflege, before branch ring up to (as far as possible) max. 10 cm diameter, no wound closure (as ineffective).

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