Tree species: elm (elm)

Color: the sapwood is gray to yellowish-white, the heartwood is brown to dark brown with a slight green tinge and sometimes dark brown to almost black "streaks".

Hardness: medium hard to hard, similar to oak.

Characteristics: the Elm is a so-called heartwood-ripening tree and forms a true heartwood area which is also clearly distinguishable in color from the lighter sapwood. It is ring-porous, i.e. the early wood vessels are clearly larger than the late wood vessels which makes the wood look coarser (similar to oak).

Psychological correspondence: Elm is the tree of intuition. On people who are not in balance, the elm is said to be able to have a balancing effect.The spirit of elm trees is very sensitive. The elm spirit holds the key to empathy and compassion. 
The Edda saga of Norse-Germanic mythology tells of the emergence of woman from an elm trunk washed up on the seashore by divine inspiration, just as man emerged from the ash tree. The ash (Ask) and the elm (Embla) stood for the progenitors of mankind.
In the south of France, the elm takes the position of our lime tree, they are considered the "tree of justice". Under its shade justice was pronounced and God's word was proclaimed. That is why you can still find many elms in cemeteries today. The elm also stands for power, but rather for the power of death. Many coffins are still made of elm wood.

Properties: It is hard, elastic and tough. It has a rather unpleasant odor when processed. 

Suitability/use: it is a valuable timber, as it is also rare, and is mostly used in interior finishing. Possible products made of elm are, interior paneling, furniture, tables, stairs (steps and stringers), parquet flooring, bending moldings, tool styles, model making, sports equipment, playground equipment, musical instrument making, woodturning, wagon carriage making and also in boat,ship building and even civil engineering and hydraulic engineering.

Value/availability: valuable (similar to oak) and rare.

Pruning time (tree care): in summer from about May to August

Sealing behavior: good

Cut execution and wound closure: according to current guideline ZTV Baumpflege, before knot ring up to (as far as possible) max. 10 cm diameter, no wound closure (because ineffective).

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