Tree species: beech (copper beech)

Color: light brown (false core reddish-brown)

Hardness: very hard and dense

Characteristics: plain (except beech with false heart), uniform warm wood

Heartwood formation: only facultative (only in some trees), i.e. no true heartwood, but often color-, false heart, also called red heart, when old

Psychological equivalent: the beech is considered the mother of the forest. Beech wood is popular in children's rooms and rooms of teaching, learning and activity such as the study. It gives the opportunity to learn from mistakes and compensate for weaknesses.
In rooms full of beech wood you can fill up with energy, which flows into you in an orderly, predictable, clear and uncluttered way. The reddish beech wood always looks elegant and never obtrusive, and always harmonizes with its inhabitants. Both in the forest and in the home.
The combination of these qualities makes beech an ideal companion for many people in rooms of activity, learning and work.

Properties/uses: very hard dense wood with excellent polishability. Possible uses include furniture making, parquet flooring/woodblock flooring, railroad ties (but then impregnated), toys, planer bodies, very popular and good firewood, veneer lumber, plywood, laminated lumber, pallets, woodturning, stair construction, workbenches, tool handles, kitchen utensils, model making, shoe molding, piano making, vehicle building, container building....

Value/availability: cheap wood because abundantly available

Cutting time in arboriculture: in summer (from about May to August), after full leaf sprout

Partitioning behavior: good

Cutting and wound closure: according to current guideline ZTV Baumpflege, before knot ring up to (as far as possible) max. 10 cm diameter, no wound closure (as ineffective).

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