Wood trade product overview (fine furniture wood)

First German wood shop for regional solid wood unique pieces with its own sawmill and table manufacture. Especially for private individuals, for all those who "dare" to use real solid wood. If you want the table ready-made, we are also happy to produce it in our own table factory. We manufacture entirely by hand at our Stuttgart site.

Details and the current assortment can be found in the wood shop

In addition to our table manufacture for exclusive unique pieces of solid wood, you will find in our specialized wood trade also raw material often unique and impressive unique pieces mostly sawed by ourselves, ie. Solid wood from the region of Stuttgart, Rottenburg and Nuremberg with proof of origin, "impossible" shapes and sizes, also wood slices, characteristic to wild or plain(er), with tree edge, air dried or kiln dried in many wood species etc..; Our mission is to provide wood craftsmen with unique and inspiring woods for their own individual masterpieces.

If you are looking for unique and stunning one-of-a-kind pieces I am sure I can offer you a wide and unique selection of rare, exclusive and beautiful pieces. I am also very happy to offer you a processing up to the finished table top. You can find examples under the menu "tables & countertops".

On the basis of my wood samples and finished tabletops in my showroom I will be very happy to help you find your! to find your piece.

Giant tree slices, solid wood unique specimens

In the meantime we can already offer you a larger selection of unique giant planks and slices of various wood species mostly from the region of Stuttgart, Rottenburg and Nuremberg with proof of origin.

Currently we have such unique pieces of e.g. oak, red oak, maple, pear, jap. cord tree, sycamore, willow, poplar, Douglas fir and beech in stock.

Each piece is unique without exception and perfect for tree slice tables, design solid wood tables and river table.

Looking for an "eye-catcher" as a "picture" in an entrance hall or for a large living room? Why not hang a giant disc...a playground for your imagination.

We have warehouses in Stuttgart, Rottenburg and Nuremberg. Viewing/visit by appointment.

Sawn timber

Basically, our wood comes from the region of Stuttgart, Rottenburg and Nuremberg (exceptions are indicated separately) and is sawn up by ourselves and air-dried for years. The origin and history of each log is documented.

With us you find also rather unusual, unusual pieces, like e.g. forks (Zwiesel).

Besides "normal" unedged boards/planks in various thicknesses and lengths, we also have short, bent to S-shaped pieces in stock.

We are also happy to offer processing up to the finished table top.

Currently we have maple, apple, birch, pear, Douglas fir, yew, oak, service tree, ash, cucumber magnolia, hornbeam, jap.cord tree, cherry, linden, walnut, plum, sycamore, some elm and a small selection of exotics (Amaranth, Jatobá, Koto, Wenge) as well as beautiful pine from Franconia (mostly kiln dried) in stock.

Wood for woodturners and sculptors

We have many shorter and thicker sections of mostly oak, lime, maple, apple, pear, walnut in stock, e.g. as raw material for woodturners, carvers and wood sculptors. Meanwhile, partly air-stored since 2014.

We can also supply wet wood turners. Provided I know what is wanted, I will contact you on one of the next occasions.

Stelae / Columns

For decoration we can also offer you columns made of various precious woods. These harmonize e.g. very well with noble clocks/jewelry/clothes etc. (for stores) or also with candles, vases, flowers or what else one thinks of...

You can purchase the raw material from us up to the finished stele according to your wishes.

Table tops - coffee tables - side tables - vanity tables - bar counters unique pieces of solid wood.

Our absolute passion are our solid wood table tops and bar counters, raw to end-treated (biological oils, no varnishes), from one piece or glued, with tree edge or straight edge, with epoxy resin fillings up to the finished river table.

As these are without exception made to order with a very high proportion of manual work, we usually need a few weeks to months lead time for realization, especially for large pieces, which still have to go into the drying chamber beforehand.

Currently available solid wood table uniques can be found under the menu "tables & countertops" and also in our wood store under solid wood table tops. Of course you can also choose blanks in my stock, which I will then transform into a finished table top according to your wishes. Current blanks can also be found in the wood store under the respective heading.

Benches and beams

from e.g. large oak beams we also manufacture benches for you. Due to the type of wood, these are ideal for outdoor use. Lengths are possible individually up to about 250 cm. Optionally, the seat can also be made of a thick oak plank. We are always open to special requests.

In the meantime, ash and burl poplar have been added.

Pine wood from Franconia (from the region of Nuremberg)

We can offer you in almost unlimited quantity beautiful air-dried and debarked pine wood from Franconia. Likewise it is possible to refer this commodity already two sides and/or four sides planed.

The initial goods have lengths of approx. 400 - 500 cm; due to transport possibilities we can offer max. 500 cm length; in stock we have up to approx. 300 cm. Longer dimensions are theoretically possible, but transport would have to be organized separately.

Common widths approx. 15-50 cm with tree edge

Common thicknesses approx. 30 - 52 mm; other dimensions on request.

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new: since May 2020: exclusive fence boards made of Franconian pine.

Many figures/models to choose from, height ca. 150 - 200 cm, ca.25 mm thick

Production in pure handwork from Franconia

Selection: Boards raw untreated, planed/sanded or even painted (as in the example photo)

Video - warehouse

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Video - selection exclusive table/countertop blanks

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Video - massiv wood for interieur use

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