No.: EI225
Dimensions: ca.217 x 47 x 4,7 cm
Origin: Stuttgart
Felling date: Spring 2015
Stock location: Nuremberg
Info: unedged/with tree edge and bark 

No.: EI235
Dimensions: ca.217 x 42 x 4,7 cm
Origin: Stuttgart
Felling date:spring 2015
Stock location: Nuremberg
Info: unedged/with tree edge and bark

No.: Oak trunk No.5214
Dimensions: ca.420 x max.47 x 5,2 cm
Origin: Forest BW
Felling date: ca.2018
Stock location: Stuttgart-stock Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Info: unedged/with tree edge and bark, kiln dried, very even, very straight

No.: oak planks from railroad sleepers (not impregnated, were never in use) approx. 10 years air-stored
Dimensions: approx. 252-282 x 22-24 x 5.2 cm
Origin: Nuremberg (source: port administration Rhine-Main-Danube Canal)
Felling date: unknown approx. since 2012 in possession of the port administration
Storage location: Stuttgart-Lager Leinfelden-Echterdingen and Nuremberg
Info: these absolutely unique planks are sawn from the beams and rectangular, partly air-dried, partly kiln-dried in stock. The beams are at least 10 years old....

No.: Oak trunk No.4-2021
Dimensions: ca.420 x max.52 x 5,2 cm
Origin: Nuremberg country
Felling date: ca.winter 2018/2019 felled
Stock location: Stuttgart-Stock Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Info: unedged/with tree edge, kiln dried 12-2020, characteristic with nice healthy knots

No.: various planks
Dimensions: ca.200 - 260 x 30-60 x 5-6 cm
Origin: Nuremberg
Felling date: the oldest are from 2014
Stock location: Stuttgart warehouse Leinfelden-Echterdingen and Nuremberg
Info: unedged/with tree edge, partly kiln-dried partly air-dried, usually rather characteristic with many knots

Mobilsäge-BW & Herrmann Massivholz
Central warehouse: 70771 Leinfelden/Hohenheimerstr.68 (appointment by arrangement!) / germany
Further warehouses in Rottenburg and Nuremberg (appointment by arrangement!)
Contact person: Patrick Herrmann
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We are constantly looking for logs
and trees > 60 cm Øme > 60 cm Ø

Our services:

  • Tables and counters unique (focus)
  • Solid wood trade
  • Mobile sawmill
  • Tree felling/tree care


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