No.: TP 2 oak+walnut slats - available
Dimensions: approx. 202 x 100 x 4,5 cm
Origin: oak from Nuremberg; walnut unknown (American walnut)
Felling date: Oak: Winter 2013/2014
Stock location: Stuttgart-Leinfelden, available.
Info: Made purely by hand. The oak raw material for this table comes from unimpregnated - unused oak beams that were originally intended as railroad sleepers. It was pure coincidence that I received some of these beams at the time. These are sawn up at the storage place, mostly into planks for e.g. such noble table tops and also squared timbers that can be super used as room dividers/interior trusses and exposed beams. For this piece we have glued 4 oak planks, milled two traditional strong ridge strips underneath, also made of oak, and then glued two walnut strips, which emphasizes the noble character immensely. All cracks/branches were filled with epoxy resin in black and gold before the surface treatment (by biological hard oil). This has become a real gem that I am really proud of. We still have several planks in stock, but the supply is (unfortunately) limited and it was a one-time batch, which means there is no more supply of it.

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