No.: TP 1 Oak - available
Dimensions: approx. 220 x 112 x 5 cm
Origin: S-Dürrlewang state forest
Felling date: Winter 2013/2014
Stock location: Stuttgart-Leinfelden, available (also several blanks).
Info: Unique table made from one piece of solid oak, oiled ready, with tree edge and solid bark, in stock at the Stuttgart warehouse. This was a particularly beautiful log. At that time I had bought approx. 30 m3 large oak trunks from the forestry office from the city forest Stuttgart Dürrlewang and the special thing was that these trunks lay only a few hundred meters away from my dwelling in the forest, i.e. I could make at noon even break at home. During the sawing work, neighbors came by from time to time, which was always nice, sometimes they even helped or took a few photos...

The wood of this oak is also something special. I have had very few logs that have dried so incredibly "quiet" and stable and the tabletops from it have a perhaps even awe-inspiring aura, at least it seems so to me when I stand in front of it.

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