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Mobile sawmill:

Sawing an oak with a diameter of approx. 170 cm and a length of 350 cm / February 2015

In February 2015, a young sculptor couple approached me about sawing up an ancient, oversized oak trunk. The tree was standing in an open field and must have been uprooted in bad weather with heavy rain and storms in the sodden ground.

On the first day, we first sawed off a slice and then straightened the trunk. A tractor with a forestry chain was invaluable for this, as the trunk was approx. 3 m long and had a diameter of approx. 170 cm.

I climbed onto a trailer to be able to saw that far up.

After the first rind was down, we turned the log 90° and sawed off the second rind. Then we started with the actual work and sawed out the planks.

This was one of my first big jobs and at the time I "only" had a 3120 XP and a big blade at my disposal,...well....

That's how I got to know the "quirks" of the big Husqvarna. While sawing, the first exhaust screw came loose at some point (it shot out at the front more like a bullet) then the whole thing started to rattle, but it (still) held and I wanted to continue sawing (the customer was standing next to me), well, it didn't go well for long, then the second screw also shot out and the exhaust simply fell off - that was a break for the time being...sigh...

Somehow we managed to get the exhaust back on in an emergency and we continued. To make up for the lost time, I didn't feel like dismantling the chain (in time!) and cleaning the groove, which increased the risk that the bar would no longer be lubricated and the chain would stretch and jump out.

Hmm, well, that's what (inevitably) happened. The chain didn't jump off, but the (then only) bar overheated so that it tore the star and that was the end of it for that day.

After I had repaired the bar (and also got a 2nd spare saw) we continued and finally sawed the colossus into lots of fantastic huge oak slabs.

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