specialist for Kauri table tops

Michael Beaupoil, Boeckelter Weg 500, 47574 Goch, Germany

Production of exclusive and large-sized wooden tables in one piece from

thousand-year-old Kauri root wood from New Zealand.

Each piece is unique and is made in very elaborate and loving handwork.


Welcome to the world of horn loudspeakers!

Horn loudspeakers still represent the pinnacle of what is physically and technically feasible in the field of electro-acoustic conversion.

The loudspeaker manufacturer Heyder has been facing this challenge for more than ten years now. With countless implemented projects and satisfied customers, we have become the largest contact point around the topic of horn loudspeakers made of solid wood & custom-made products in the German-speaking world - thank you!

The technology - horn loudspeakers?

Our speaker systems are subject to the constant pursuit of perfection - so horn systems are inevitably used in the development.

Experience the difference!

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Lautsprechermanufaktur Heyder

Dieselstraße 26

70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Geschäftsführer: Jens Heyder

E-Mail: FkVzZGB-dXNWWls7Xjhycw@nospam

Tel: (+49) 01525 3501441


Architects and carpenters (upscale interior design)

BLOCK ART Architecture and Furniture Design, Business Mile at the Airport, Echterdinger Straße 57, 70794 Filderstadt, Germany

ONE TREE, ONE TRIM, ONE TABLE - The individual table from one piece.

With our extra wide planing machines we are able to process the very wide logs in one piece. The result is as impressive as it is individual. Table tops from a single core piece. Such an oak is up to 250 years old. And it can become that old again as a "generation table" from BLOCK ART.

Mobilsäge-BW & Herrmann Massivholz
Central warehouse: 70771 Leinfelden/Hohenheimerstr.68 (appointment by arrangement!) / germany
Further warehouses in Rottenburg and Nuremberg (appointment by arrangement!)
Contact person: Patrick Herrmann
mobile: +49 (0) 176 - 640 187 41
fax: +49 (0) 711 - 95 818 223
email: osvMxM3iz83Ay87Rw8fFx4-A1YzGxw@nospam


We are constantly looking for logs
and trees > 60 cm Øme > 60 cm Ø

Our services:

  • Tables and counters unique (focus)
  • Solid wood trade
  • Mobile sawmill
  • Tree felling/tree care


Dipl. Holzbetriebswirt, SKTA, SKTB/B