Tree species: Weymouth pine (Strobe)

Color: sapwood yellowish-white, heartwood yellowish to reddish-brown

Hardness: soft-medium

Characteristics: homogeneous coarse-grained Mediterranean coniferous wood with many knots

Heartwood formation: it is a true heartwood tree as well as the common pine

Psychological correspondence: the pine is a symbol of longevity, immortality and endurance among the Chinese and Germanic peoples. It was considered a fire tree by the Celts. The essence of pine is said to help overcome immobility and rigidity. It promotes communication and sociability, serenity and modesty. In the Celtic tree circle it is called the tree of patience. Keywords: good stewardship of resources, frugal, good-natured, responsible, cautious, deliberate, conscientious, down-to-earth and practical.

Characteristics/Uses: Boxes, packaging, woodturning, plywood panels, sculpture work, bee boxes (because of high thermal insulation capacity), blind layers in furniture construction and joinery panels, furniture, interior finishing, substitute wood for Swiss stone pine, Interior construction wood without high stress (in USA also as construction wood without restrictions), balcony railings, shutters, windows, shipbuilding (masts and deck planks), model wood (metal casting molding), suitcase manufacturing, shoe heels, matches, pencils, shutters, toys, barrels, wood wool, chipboard, u. Fiberboard, Paper, &. Pulp production, poles, posts, fence slats, vineyard stakes, haystacks, game gate construction....

Value/availability: rare, nevertheless cheap wood

Cutting time in arboriculture: in summer (from about May to August), after full leaf sprout

Segregation behavior: very good

Pruning and wound closure: according to current guidelines ZTV Baumpflege, before knot ring up to (as far as possible) max. 10 cm diameter, no wound closure (as ineffective).

Sources of the information:

  • My own experience/knowledge and documents from my wood economics studies at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences.
  • Native timber (loose-leaf collection) Authors D. Grosser and W. Teetz. CMA, Bonn-publisher -Holzabsatzfonds-Bonn 1998
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  • Website

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