Tree species: Douglas fir

Color: sapwood is yellowish-white, heartwood is yellowish-brown, brown to reddish-brown, dark brown

Hardness: medium

Characteristics: decorative softwood with sapwood and heartwood, darkens strongly

Heartwood formation: yes the Douglas fir is a true heartwood tree

Psychological Correspondence: The Douglas fir is a power tree for the shy and lacking in drive. It strengthens self-confidence. The tree gives us a strong immune system, because it is not very susceptible to pests and regenerates quickly when injured. It promotes concentration, serenity, self-confidence and self-healing powers. It supports to open up, to expand the perception and helps to recognize new ways. The fresh and woody scent clears the mind, purifies and vitalizes the air in the room.

Properties/Use: The wood shrinks very little, has good strength properties (similar to pine), the heartwood is quite resistant to insects and fungi, which makes it good for outdoor use (patio, carport, roofing, etc.). It is also well suited for bee boxes (at least construction dry), furthermore it is used in interior finishing for wall-, u. Ceiling boarding, flooring, staircase construction, balconies and also lathe work.

Value/availability: rather less good availability, as import wood good, rather cheap wood-somewhat more valuable than pine.

Cutting time in arboriculture: in summer (from about May to August), after full leaf sprout

Seclusion behavior: good

Pruning and wound closure: according to current guidelines ZTV Baumpflege, before knot ring up to (as far as possible) max. 10 cm diameter, no wound closure (as ineffective).

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