Mobil­säge-BW & Herrmann Massivholz

est. 2014: first German solid wood manufactory for tables & counters unique products from one source.

massiv wooden tables/ one of a kind/river table - wood trader - tree services - mobile sawmilling

from tree to table - all from one source!

Youtube requires your consent to work!

Youtube requires your consent to work!

The special thing about us is our raw material from which we create these extravagant unique pieces. Highest quality and transparency is the basis - individual craftsmanship in perfection is the claim - beauty and aesthetic our passion.

Whether designer tables, tree-edge tables, dining tables, coffee tables...we manufacture for you unique one-of-a-kind pieces made of solid wood from the region which we mostly saw ourselves. The unique pieces are individually handcrafted in a very elaborate way (also including epoxy resin fillings/"river table"). You are also looking for suitable bases, chairs, bar stools? With our large network we can also help you with this.

We saw your tree/trunk by means of mobile sawmills, we offer tree felling (also in climbing technique) and tree care. As a highlight, after the necessary drying, we can very gladly make a table for you individually from your own wood from the sawn pieces.

With our wood trade we have specialized in self-sawn single logs with proof of origin. In the south of Stuttgart you will find unique regional solid woods in many species and sizes/shapes in our central warehouse. Mostly these are unique specimens and sometimes even rarities from the region of Stuttgart, Rottenburg and Nuremberg.

The central warehouse is located in 70771 Leinfelden-Unteraichen, further warehouses in Nuremberg and Rottenburg (appointment by appointment).

About us

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"at work"

Youtube requires your consent to work!

Also, we will be happy to give you free tips regarding storage, if desired.

Our radius of action is normally the region of Stuttgart and Nuremberg/South. With regard to mobile sawing, this currently applies to southern and central Germany - for special (huge dimensions) trunks or roots also Germany-wide.

You will find more details under the respective topics.

Fair, competent and reliable

Your Patrick Herrmann

Mobilsäge-BW & Herrmann Massivholz
Central warehouse: 70771 Leinfelden/Hohenheimerstr.68 (appointment by arrangement!) / germany
Further warehouses in Rottenburg and Nuremberg (appointment by arrangement!)
Contact person: Patrick Herrmann
mobile: +49 (0) 176 - 640 187 41
fax: +49 (0) 711 - 95 818 223
email: osvMxM3iz83Ay87Rw8fFx4-A1YzGxw@nospam


We are constantly looking for logs
and trees > 60 cm Øme > 60 cm Ø

Our services:

  • Tables and counters unique (focus)
  • Solid wood trade
  • Mobile sawmill
  • Tree felling/tree care


Dipl. Holzbetriebswirt, SKTA, SKTB/B